Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tell the mountain to "GO!"

Climbing the mountain is not always easy, especially when domestic violence is involved. Women Empowerment Solutions supports you and is here to say, you can conquer the mountain.

Women Empowerment Solutions is a faith-based, nonprofit organization. We believe in the Word of God and his Word from the book of Mark 11:23 says "Truly, I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them." The mountain can be a number of situations you or someone you know are dealing with; finances to move from the violence (getting a new place to live, taking care of yourself the way you vision, etc), emotions dealing with abuse, the list goes on. Talk to the situation and tell it to "GO" just like it says in the Word. Stay firm with your faith and if you aren't there yet, Women Empowerment Solutions encourages you to join a bible-based church (one that you feel comfortable in where you can learn the Word of God), read your bible- even if it's a paragraph, God will speak to your heart. You many not hear an audible voice, but He will speak to you through a variety of ways (books, music, billboards, people, his ways are endless).

Be free from chaos, and have order in your life because all God's answers are Yes and Amen!

Women Empowerment Solutions- Freedom from Domestic Violence

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

After: Beauty for Ashes

After: Beauty for Ashes

 The look on this young woman’s face says it all: Hurt from nasty words spoken, a loss of dignity and self-worth, de-valued, shattered confidence, and abandonment. Women Empowerment Solutions can guide her to a new and empowered self. Every woman deserves the best and to know she is loved and has the authority and control for herself. Women Empowerment Solutions is here to help. www.womenempowermentsolutions.org.

In Isaiah 61:3 the Word says “to all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Swab With Results

Exercising in the gym they had not one, but three television screens broadcasting. One was the “Price is Right”, which has been on the air for decades. It shows people having fun, trying to bid all the right prices for the grand prize. The second was the “Megyn Kelly Show”, reporting on the Royal Engagement. Two love birds announcing and professing their love in front of millions. The third, it talked about SA (Sexual Assault) allegations regarding another perpetrator. 

The words “sexual assault” caught my attention even with no earbuds to hear the audio. Here are some details in which people (especially women) should know.
 Sexual assault includes; verbal threats, unwanted contact, may or may not involve force (www.ovttac.gov). SA garners trauma which does not fade away in a day or two, rather, healing and recovery take place in time.

The alleged made sexual advances to yet another female dishonoring her boundaries, personal respect, violating her body and stole her dignity with an intrusive act.
Women need to know that SA is not their fault, ever. These ladies have copious rights too, and they are:

  •  Receive medical care, mental health treatment and/or participate in legal procedures after giving informed consent.

  • ·         Refuse to answer questions about prior sexual experiences.
  •  ·         Keep your name from the media.
  • ·         Be protected against future assaults.
  • ·         Decide against making a report to the police.
  • ·         As much credibility as a victim of any other crime.
  • ·         Be treated with respect, dignity, and cultural sensitivity regardless of your race, gender identity, sex or sexual orientation.
  • ·         You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Women need to know this is an emotional decision which becomes part of a criminal report and made available to the public. Make note, without reporting the information to the authorities and filing a formal complaint to see necessary justices, the alleged perpetrator will strike again with his school yard bullying attitude.

Contrary, the alleged perpetrator has the right to an attorney until proven guilty.
In the 70s, victims had to wait four to 12 hours to be seen by a physician due to their lack of training regarding sexual assault and “the potential of being subpoenaed and taken from the ER to be questioned by a sometimes- hostile defense attorney while testifying in court.” (www.ovttac.gov)
Today, we live in a different generation, one which takes generous and aggressive steps to empower women from difficult situations.

Case in point, SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner).
“This exam can be performed up to 120 hours after the assault. An exam typically takes about three hours. While forensic exams are invasive, they are done to protect you.” (www.shs.wustl.edu)

 Part I of the SANE Exam explain how to empower women against sexual abuse.
Initially, there is an “interview; tell about the assault, giving details. It is always your choice not to answer any question or questions about the assault, but the more information SANE can have concerning the assault, the more thorough the examination can be.” (www.shs.wustl.edu)

Part II-
“A physical exam- For females, it is very similar to a well-women exam. Swabs will be obtained from the pelvic area and a speculum exam is done if indicated. This exam may also consist of swabbing with a cotton applicator or any other areas of the body indicated in the interview. An alternative light source may be used to look for saliva or semen on the body to obtain swabs from those areas well. A thorough exam may also require nail clipping, hair samples, and photographs; all of which are completely confidential. If available, SANE will ask for clothing worn during or immediately following the assault to be sent with the kit as evidence.

The final part of the exam is a blood and urine collection. If the interview indicates a possible Drug Facilitated Assault, blood and urine samples will be obtained and sent with the evidence kit.” (www.shs.wustl.edu

Also, I would like to make a note, a SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) volunteer will meet you at the hospital to offer confidential support and review options and services which are available to you.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Voice of Choice, Speak With Poise

Let Women Empowerment Solutions be your voice

We'll speak with poise and above all the noise

Make the choice, stop domestic violence

Abuse is rude, shrewd, and has a nasty attitude

Grateful today for a plethora of supporters, including you, that make a difference, it's not a


Shattered no more, she's not lain on the floor, but up, up, up

pursuing her dreams with thumbs up with a coffee cup or a baby bump, or atop a mountain and

stump, with a pump, eating an apple crump

Oh the opportunities

Women Empowerment Solutions

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Taking Shape

Keep working toward your goal

Some days may be better than some, that is okay.

Get back up and take action.

Each hour, you get smarter than what you were before.

Someone needs to see your smile.

Your laughter is contagious.

There is only one you. Some may have the same first, middle, or even last name.....but nobody else 

has your DNA! God made your perfect the way you are.

So what do you say, wipe off your tears (if you have them)

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are WORTHY of a living a vibrant life!

Take shape and look at your hourglass. Not talking about the "model" figure-

You are all brains, smiles, happy, exciting, fun, daring, full of courage and might, and can bounce 

back from anything. Use what you have and move forward, you have what it takes. It's always

been there, it's just waiting for you!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Perfect Control, Use Your Sniffer

Being in the "know" takes skill, right? You either know what a "controlling" personality smells like or you don't. Can you sniff him out like a dog (dogs have great noses, they can sniff out anything)?

What are his characteristics that would give you some clues?

* Does he need to know where you are ALL of the time...or does he give you ease  that you aren't stuck to him like chewing gum on hot cement on a hot summer day?

* He needs to be in constant communication with you ....or does he relax when you have "you" time?

*Is he absurdly vocal about who you are hanging with .....or is OKAY with whom you spent you time with: friend, cousin, coworkers, etc?

*He needs to check on you via text every 5 minutes/calls you every few minutes/maybe its a random check?

The firs answer in each sentence are all controlling signs.

These are a fraction of the controlling signs. Make sure you know them.

www.POPSUGAR.com is the source, make sure that you have some recourse, domestic violence is disgusting. We are here to EMPOWER you or someone that you know.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Decisiveness Brings Change: Transition

You or someone you know is dressed to go places; Work, children's activities, stop by the grocery store for milk, eggs, juice, cereal, basic stuff.

Something happened in the midst of all that and now, boom! It's time to find a new place to live.
That's no fun when abuse wiggles it's way through the door. Actually, you've seen it there for a while, it comes in patterns. The verbal starts in the morning, you still go to work and don't know how you got through the day. Then, you get home and hope you don't have to deal with it anymore.

Your day is getting better as the clock ticks because you're making a lifelong decision! But, what do you take? How do you leave....the front or back door....or through a window?

Many women across the nation do have this question. Maybe not for themselves, maybe it is for a neighbor or for a co-worker or a relative, and then again, for a good friend. 

Making the transition can be a tough choice since it is a life decision to move forward. Various questions come to mind and then, are there funds available? With various shelters across the nation and support readily available, the transition can take place. Be encouraged today and know that life will get better, just include the Holy Spirit as you move forward. How do you do that if you can't see Him, right? Say "Holy Spirit, I need you, guide me please, thank you Lord, I receive you, in Jesus name, amen."

Women Empowerment Solutions