Friday, July 14, 2017

Decisiveness Brings Change: Transition

You or someone you know is dressed to go places; Work, children's activities, stop by the grocery store for milk, eggs, juice, cereal, basic stuff.

Something happened in the midst of all that and now, boom! It's time to find a new place to live.
That's no fun when abuse wiggles it's way through the door. Actually, you've seen it there for a while, it comes in patterns. The verbal starts in the morning, you still go to work and don't know how you got through the day. Then, you get home and hope you don't have to deal with it anymore.

Your day is getting better as the clock ticks because you're making a lifelong decision! But, what do you take? How do you leave....the front or back door....or through a window?

Many women across the nation do have this question. Maybe not for themselves, maybe it is for a neighbor or for a co-worker or a relative, and then again, for a good friend. 

Making the transition can be a tough choice since it is a life decision to move forward. Various questions come to mind and then, are there funds available? With various shelters across the nation and support readily available, the transition can take place. Be encouraged today and know that life will get better, just include the Holy Spirit as you move forward. How do you do that if you can't see Him, right? Say "Holy Spirit, I need you, guide me please, thank you Lord, I receive you, in Jesus name, amen."

Women Empowerment Solutions

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Psssst......Did You Hear That?

What is the safest plan for your exit? I'm not talking about tornadoes, hurricanes, or typhoons...although, this considered a storm, just not that "type" of storm.

You might be sitting in a restaurant enjoying some savory mashed potatoes, well seasoned fried chicken and a side order of corn on the cob, then, some people come sit next to your booth.

They start talking about their neighbor, Misty and how she's trying to get away from an abusive relationship. They really want to help this young woman, but how?

Misty is not married to the guy, but, she's been living with him for two years and has a sweet little girl with him, and, one on the way. Misty is not that happy because her guy calls her so many names.
They neighbor heard while they were loading up the pickup that Misty would like to look for new transportation method because she felt that would be safer for the children. He said "#$^$&, we'll do it my way, these kids will be fine you &*(()&%%@"....and that was that. Yeah, so some choice words.

What would you do to help Misty? Maybe you do get five minutes to talk with her and encourage about another transportation method or how to deal or not deal with the many situations that she is dealing with.

There are many "Misty's" or other young ladies dealing with the same type of "verbal" abuse that need attention. Women Empowerment Solutions is here to help and guide women to a better life, filled with confidence, boundaries, exciting life with no abuse, and one with our most high, Jesus Christ. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Friday, July 7, 2017

2ax + a or....20 + 20

Math is used daily in household finances, businesses, classrooms, and empowering women from domestic violence.

We do know that statistics are high for women that do not leave the perpetrator for one reason or another (finances, children, security, support).

They are scared, guessing if the outcome will be favorable for them or not. It doesn't matter what race these ladies are, what their backgrounds may be, or the job that they have, they still have the ultimate decision to make for themselves, and, for their children if they have any.

Women Empowerment Solutions is here to encourage and let women know that there is hope. Keep thinking about your tomorrow in a positive way even if it doesn't seem like people and conversations around you are going all that well. Change things: Living environment, people that you surround yourself  and associate with. Your future is bright and full of goodness.

It takes a strong woman to step into a new future. A new life with zero chaos, zero distractions. The special person is someone that treats you with respect and you shall introduce new boundaries of what is acceptable and not acceptable to you.

Remember the math, your days ahead are many; full of joy, hope, faith, love, motivation, encouragement, laughter, intelligence, and boldness. That is the sum total, and you get bonus points too. God loves you.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Right Mix

When we have all of the ingredients to make a cake, we get this beautiful pan of sweetened wheat (that is what it is).

Combining flour, sugar, eggs, maybe some chocolate, lemon zest, or coconut to make it a specific kind of cake among other ingredients. When we do not have all of the ingredients from the Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines cake mix box, we make it from scratch (or maybe you make it from scratch anyway...that's awesome if you do!).

How about when ladies try their best to move forward from domestic violence? If they have the right mix: Support, finances, transitional housing, transportation (aka....the cake mix), counseling, they can easily cross the bridge and make a new life for themselves.

But, what if, and many times, there is the, "what if" a woman trying to make a better life for herself and children (if she has children), does not have that "mix", what then? Many do get creative and move on, while others do not.

I am excited and thrilled that there is a way for all ladies to move forward. One thing is, the lady, whatever age she is, must make that decision for herself and do what is necessary for her.

Like making cake, you can obtain all of the necessary mix (ingredients) to make your prosperous move creating something wonderful for yourself: A solution. Take baby steps to do it and I know that you will get there.

Cakes take different forms (double layers, single, sheet cake, bundt, cupcakes, cheesecake, sponge cake, etc), bake at different temperatures, and can be decorated into a masterpiece....are you with me? Then, cakes are celebrated at birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, special occasions, various celebrations, and are just fun to eat.

You are a very beautiful creation. You have a lot to offer and decorated in make-up or not, you have quite a bit to share with the world, so make that step and go for it!

Women Empowerment Solutions

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

On The Move

Not a Worry, She's on the Move

Prep and slept, she kept in step, she knew what she needed
Smart and witty, she skipped through the the pitty 
Sara went for the most, so she wouldn't be toast! She took a ride up the coast
Relaxed and calm like the coconut palm
Bear fruit, doesn't need to be in a business suit.
Some wear ponytails with clear gel nails
Others sport sweats and yoga tops assisting the city cops
The calendar blows through the months and the ladies have it together, they stick in a bunch
Overcomer you are, kept your call and walked the straight line oh my Adeline!
One big bowl of wheaties, wipes out bambi with all the sweeties
Once frail and timid, she has figured out there is no limit! What?!!!

On her horse through the meadow, not in jeans, not in jammies, wild and free she rides with no calamaties.

Fresh air with no domestic violence care

Friday, April 21, 2017


Do you remember when you were a young girl? What was that like for you? The experiences, memories, and the conversations that filled the atmosphere in your home.

My childhood was filled with going to the beach most weekends, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, friends and family, it was very consistent.

As I grew to be a young lady, I remember my mom talking to me about drugs. "Don't use them. Don't go near them. Don't have any association with them." On and on the conversation went, at least 10 minutes.

For sure, I am grateful, as I never had anything to do with drugs. It's good to thank our parents for these conversations as they have taught us 'right ways'.

Today's conversations unfortunately do need to include, "do not tolerate domestic violence." Some people don't know what that is, good for them! I say good for them because they've been well protected through the years. 

Domestic violence is not good to hear in any conversation. It is important, however, to verse communities about the topic. Nobody wants to talk about sex either- one hears giggles or dismisses the subject all together. Well, if the subject isn't talked about, quite frankly, babies are born (yes, sweet babies are born every day, aren't they?). There are obviously more issues involved in this area other than conception that people need to stay clear of without exception.

Take the time to educate. The conversations are a must to make a historical difference, changing statistics, and saving lives with  intervention and prevention from domestic violence. It's necessary and mandatory. 

An elevator pitch is 30 seconds or less...remember to take the time to speak life to her than makes a difference. Probably will take more than 30 seconds, but, you saved a life.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tell The Mountain To MOVE!

Her name is Mary, she is beautiful, intelligent, slightly shy, but full of energy when she is around friends and family.

Today, she started her new life; one filled with freedom- those chains are gone baby!

She is courageous and excited about the gift of life. She has always been excited about life in generally, just not when she was getting called names and beaten. 

She's made changes and told the mountain to MOVE!!! She was tired of the nasty names, getting griped at because her car smelt like onions from her hamburger she would eat in the car. She sat there so she could get peace. Everyone deserves peace from the Father. It is like standing under a waterfall and the flood gates pour from heaven.

Another piece of serenity, her car now smells like lavender; full of a calming and peace. She just cleaned it out today and is very excited like a kid jumping in the pool for the first time starting summer vacation.

She has mighty courage! Her encouragement will strengthen in time and all the junk (guilt, shame, identity issues, etc) will fall off from yesterday, thank goodness! Going forward, Mary is standing in full armor, ready to march to the beat of a drum like  a warrior, God's little warrior princess.